Free sample of Colgate Sensitive Clove Essence Toothpaste [Bangalore and Delhi]

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On 12 June 2011 we posted Free Sample of Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief for free sample  now Colgate has back again with Free Colgate Sensitive Clove Essence Toothpaste Sample but this time only for Bangalore an Delhi users. Colgate Sensitive Clove toothpaste has a soothing formula for sensitivity with clove. It reaches deep inside sensitive areas of teeth to provide lasting relief and prevents sensitivity from coming back. Get instant and lasting relief. Sensitive Pro-Relief with Pro-Argin fixes tooth sensitivity problems at the source by sealing the channels that lead to your teeths. Claim your free sample now.



How to get Free sample of Colgate Sensitive Clove Essence Toothpaste?

  1. Visit Offer Page here. (Only for Bangalore & Delhi Users]
  2. Fill Form.
  3. Colgate Representative will call you back for your address.


 Here is picture of received sample by our reader abhishek on 27th July 2013.




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